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A lot of the time people run their treadmills watching the TV or listening to music and sometimes with head phones on and cannot hear the treadmill running. It is good to take a moment once in a while to run the unit and listen to it. If you remember how quiet it ran when you first bought it, you will recognized some strange sounds that develop over time. Bearings going out in the drive motor can make a high pitch sound or grumble to the point that you can feel it in the hand rails.  Generally, you should consider having your treadmill looked at by an experienced technician every two years and no later than three years. By then the unit will need some cleaning, oiling and deck/belt lubrication. Also at that time a volt meter can be used to test the electrical system to find out how much walking belt wear has occurred. This way you can also test the magnetic field in the drive motor also. Just like a car, they need to be serviced occasionally. Our service call fees include travel, generally two trips, needed to complete the repairs. When a large amount of money is invested in the repair of a treadmill, it is still less expensive than replacing it. Remember it is cost affective to have your treadmill service no later than three years. A three month warranty is part of every repair.


Special Note: It is important to have your home treadmill serviced at the end of the second year. We are seeing walking belts failing early and causing damage to lower controller boards. Belts with just a few hundred miles on them are pulling high amperage. We can take an amperage reading to see if your walking belt is wearing properly. Call or email to prevent added repair cost to your scheduled maintenance service.

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