Scheduled Care for Commercial Equipment


Exercise equipment service can vary. Commercial equipment needs to be managed and serviced more frequently than home equipment. The constant use requires a technician to pay close attention to detail to reduce the risk to injury to the user and keep the equipment up and running for a longer life time. Fitness centers constantly being used can be serviced as much as every two months. This will vary according to usage. This time  frame can be figured by inspecting and servicing them for the first time, then scheduling another service 3 to 6 months lafter to see how much dirt & wear has occured from one service point to another. Then a service schedule can be determined at this point in time.


If this is done, it may cost some money on an annual basis, but will save you the cost of a new machine in the long run. Figure in this expense to the budget and relax knowing the safety of your customers working out at your facility has been protected. BUILD A REPUTATION OF ALWAYS HAVING EQUIPMENT IN GOOD PREFORMING ORDER. Schedule your exercise equipment service today.  Please click on the links to view a specific piece of equipment to learn more.

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional and mental states.

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