Home Elliptical Care & Service

Some home ellipticals can need more repair work than others. Because of the elliptical movement, as parts wear, they start to present little noises or knocks that were not there when you bought the machine. Some you can put up with and others you can actually feel in the linkage and pushes many people to want to get them fixed. So people will try to fix it themselves. You can try spray lubricants, but they don’t always fix the squeaks or knocks. Mostly these ellipticals need a good quality grease or the bearings replaced. In the recent years, there is less drive belt damage due to good engineering. But with age, they can start to squeak and it is best to replace them. At some point if the unit is being use every year, the resistance motor can fail and need replacing. If you happened to have a self-generating unit, you may need to replace the battery so the unit can power back up. Self-generating units usually last the longest. They as well require service near the three year period. Some home ellipticals being more temperamental; if buying a new one, it is wise to have them assembled by a seasoned technician. There are areas that need grease and areas that need oil. You can prevent wear on many parts by having us professionally assembled and service your elliptical machine. 

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