Commercial Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Commercial multi-station gyms, weight racks and individual station machines with cables, should be checked for loose cabling, loose pads, brackets, bars, linkage, and damaged cables and pulleys. Seats, back rests, elbow pads can become loose because of plywood frame structure shrinking over time. It maybe necessary to check them for tightness every year. Brackets and moving linkage such as leg press & butterfly arms can work loose and may also need good quality grease added at about the three year time frame. If a unit has bushings instead of bearings, re-greasing may be necessary. If the unit has bearings at any of the pivot points, they will need to be inspected for tightness. When there is a lot of play in moving parts, chances are there is going to be replacement parts needed instead of tightening for proper adjustments. Cables, cable housing, ball end fittings, eyelets, end adjusting screws and Pulleys will also need to be inspected. Cables, within time start to get small cracks in the plastic coating causing them to twist and then break. We custom make cables with the proper fittings on sight. Replace cables before the inner cable is exposed. We make sure that all cable ends are in good shape and secured tightly. Remember, there are different types of cables for different applications. Choosing the correct cabling is important. When we service your strength piece, all these points are inspected. It is the best way to insure the safety of the users

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