The resistance you fight physically in the gym and the resistance you fight in life can only build a strong character.

How "S.R.T. INC." Sports & Rec Techs Inc.               came to be.

          In 1977, I was in High School and found my first job in a bicycle shop. After 18 years of learning everything I could in various shops, I decided it was time to build my own business. I started building bicycles for department stores in late 1994. In January 1995, I left Ohio to start new and find a place where business was more lucrative. I also wanted to help as many people as I could with quality service they desirved. And that's how I found Colorado. I was still building bicycles for department stores at the time such as Montomery Ward, but quickly turned into building everything from bicycles and exercise equipment to patio grills, lawn furniture, and other home furnishings for Home Depot and Lowes. After three years, I began to see the economy was changing and moving much faster. Companies began hiring National Assembly Companies for the competitive prices and paperwork reduction. I found that my best experience was headed for the exercise equipment industry. So I focused on that and became an established business specializing in all aspects of this field. We became a prominate service company for Garts Sports, other local sports business's and many of the manufactures.

          Since 1995, I have been working with Fitness Equipment Manufactures as a warranty service centers as well as privately servicing fitness equipment in Homes, Apartment Complex Facilities, Hospitals, Private Fitness Centers, Hotels and Schools. Our goal is to provide quality work, fair prices, prompt service to customers and manufactures and to stand behind our work. Nothing more & Nothing less.

          I would like to invite you to try our services and let us help you feel confident and sure of the services we will offer you and also in the quality of the exercise equipment you own.




Michael Hollman (Owner)



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