Commercial Treadmills Maintenance & Testing

     Over the last five years there have been changes in running belt, decks and lubricants. Information on what type of belt and lubricant should be used is widely spread. There has been spike in "loss of performance" in belts due to misrepresentation of belt types and lubricants. Avoid poor performance and damage to circuit boards by having belts, decks & lube inspected and tested by a knowledgeable technician with a VOLTAGE METER. This will insure the true performance of your treadmills. 

     Commercial treadmills should be on a service program every six month in moderate use centers. If constantly being used they should be serviced about every three months. Service on commercial treadmills starts with a total cleaning inside and around the unit. Testing the amperage on the drive motor is done to detect wear on the deck, belt & and Lube. This will determine if walking belts and decks need to be replaced or just lubricating the belt will be sufficient. This is also a good way to determine the strength of the drive motor. Drive belts should also be checked and replace no later than 5 year time frame. Any continual noises, such as grumbling sounds from bearings in drive rollers or rear rollers or idler tensioners for drive belts, should be replaced before serious damage occurs. Lift motors are also be checked for grease on threaded shaft and proper operation. Lubricating joints and linkage is preformed to provide a better, quiet running machine. These elements are the factors that determine whether to keep maintaining or replacing a treadmill. With our maintenance programs, we inspect these areas to keep your treadmills running smoothly.


Special Note:  It is important to have your home use treadmill serviced after two years. We are seeing running belts failing early, which is causing lower controller boards to fail. Belts with just a few hundred miles are pulling high amperage. We can take an amperage reading to see if your walking belt is wearing properly.  Call or email to prevent added repair cost to your scheduled maintenance service.

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