Commercial Bike Repair & Maintenance

Commercial bikes should have the housings removed about once a year. Most of them are very durable and will hold up a lot of use before parts needing to be replaced. But any time there are noises due to dry metal or worn bearings, worn parts should be replaced to reduce further damage to other vital parts. Drive belts should be inspected for cracks and wear and replace no later than five year time frame. Also dust and debris should be removed from generators and power supplies located on the inside of the housing to prevent overheating. Cleaning them and keeping the sweat build-up minimized should be done regularly or when being repaired. The salt from sweating can cause electrical problems. Our maintenance programs cover all these points to prevent any down time. Schedule a service today!

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Welcome to Sports and rec techs inc, Denver's neighborhood gym equipment service company with all the amenities you'd expect to find from a local service company. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, we are happy to assist you in effectively reaching your goals. Sports and rec techs inc provides the latest in cardiovascular and weight training equipment services, as well as full schedule maintenance programs.


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